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    Pangkostrad Receives Commander of Division 1 of the Australian Army

    Rabu, 27 Maret 2019, 15:52 WIB Last Updated 2019-07-25T21:17:41Z
     Pangkostrad Receives Commander of Division 1 of the Australian Army

    INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ Commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command (Pangkostrad), TNI Major Lieutenant General Harto Employee, accompanied by Asintel Kaskostrad and Asops Kaskostrad received honorary visits to Commander Ellwood Major General Justin (Jake) Ellwood at the Head of the Australian Army, located in the Pangkostrad Office, Jakarta Center, Wednesday (3/27).

    On this occasion Major General Justin (Jake) Commander Ellwood at the Head of the Australian Army who was accompanied by the Attache of the Atase Army Embassy made an honorary visit to the Army Army Commander with the aim of establishing communication and cooperation between the Army, especially Kostrad with the Army Australia.

    Major General Justin (Jake) Ellwood said that this visit was very beneficial for both parties, especially for us, where we could meet directly with Kostrad officials and get to know more closely with Indonesia's elite forces.

    Lieutenant General of the Indonesian Military Army Commander, Harto Karyawan, hopes that this visit will create collaboration between the Indonesian and Australian Army can be maintained and improved, especially in efforts to secure and maintain conducive regional conditions in the Southeast Asia region.

    Ending his remarks, the Pangkostrad thanked Major General Justin (Jake) Ellwood and his staff for visiting Kostrad Headquarters.

    ■ Tuman Jr 
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