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    Ja'far will Launch the Biofar Shrimp Skincare Factory in North Sumatra

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    Friday, November 22, 2019, 03:08 WIB Last Updated 2019-11-21T20:08:44Z

    JBN.CO.ID ■ Again, the name Muhammad Ja'far Hasibuan became a byword. The reason, the young scientist who invented the outer and inner skin remedies for animals and humans, fulfilled his plan to build a Biofar Shrimp Skincare factory in North Sumatra.

    "Alhamdulillah, we have completed the land purchase agreement. Insha Allah, at the end of December we will launch and inaugurate the construction of the Biofar Shrimp Skincare factory in North Sumatra," said Ja'far, with a grateful tone today. (11/22).

    According to him, his success was due to his persistence and hard work so far. Not forgetting also because of prayers from parents. "Yes, of course, my prayers always flow in my every effort," explained Ja'far.

    Regarding the Biofar Shrimp Skincare factory that will be built, Ja'far is still reluctant to mention the amount and value of its investment. It's just that he confirmed that he had sold some of his personal assets.

    "Insha Allah is sufficient and runs smoothly. Allah is rich, if our intentions are sincere and can contribute to the citizens, especially can help them with the field of work later, then whatever amount of investment will be facilitated and smoothed out their affairs," said Ja'far sure.

    As proof of his gratitude, last week Ja'far held a recitation, and at the same time invited orphans, to be able to share and make them happy.

    "Because of their prayers (orphans), I can be like this," said Ja'far frankly.

    Ja'far's concern did not stop here. Secretly, Ja'far has waived the cost of purchasing his herbal remedy for many people. "During the promo and introduction period, I did waive the cost of the herbal medicine. Maybe this way, I can help them. And many who have recovered gave me news, I feel happy," he said.

    Ja'far's sincere intention was based on consideration of the price of medicines which are now quite expensive. In addition, many BPJS patients who complain about the dues and costs of drugs that are no longer affordable, mainly experienced by some people who have low incomes.

    "So, solely because of God, we can share knowledge. Sometimes we do not talk about business, but rather on human values. And if God wills, I can meet Mr. President Jokowi, I will offer this concept. At least provide a solution related to BPJS costs. "Ja'far said seriously.

    Even for this purpose, Ja'far claimed to have prepared the concept for President Joko Widodo.

    Then, who exactly is Muhammad Ja'far Hasibuan?

    Perhaps there are those who still do not fully know who Muhammad Ja'far Hasibuan is.

    Ja'far's name began to be known since he won the General Champion Santripreneur Award 2018 Category of Rare Food Catering. This award is the 19th achievement he has achieved, having previously been preceded by various achievements and achievements in the field of youth organizations and the field of entrepreneurship.

    This Indonesian son from North Sumatra became more successful after he won the gold medal in the China Sanghai International Exhibition of Inventions (CSITF) in Sanghai, China, held on April 19-21, 2019.

    After that, Ja'far continued to work and develop products made from the typical shrimp of the South Coast of Malacca, known there as Fresh Small Subtle Shrimp that inhabit under mangrove forests. According to Ja'far, there are many species of shrimp in his area.

    This innovation was named as Biofar Shrimp Skin Care. According to Ja'far, the innovation is useful for healing various diseases and wounds on the skin.

    "Tests on humans affected by sharp object wounds can positively heal pain within two hours," Ja'far said.

    Although he already holds the title of young scientist, Ja'far admitted that he was not a graduate of exact science, such as chemistry or biology. But he admitted that since he was in junior high school he was already independent.

    "I only graduated from a pesantren, then went to the North Sumatra State Islamic University majoring in Counseling Guidance (BK)," said Ja'far.

    He claimed that since his first grade in junior high his father had died and according to him, his knowledge was a gift from God.

    The scientist, who came from Padang Lawas Utara, North Sumatra, has 9 siblings, raised in a very simple family. Starting from family limitations, Ja'far grew into a persistent and hard-working young man. Today, Ja'far is known as a young man with a myriad of accomplishments, especially in the field of entrepreneurship.

    His discovery was recognized worldwide, after being named the winner and succeeding in defeating his rival in 193 countries participating in the competition, the World Bank then glanced at him for the development of the business he started.

    For this purpose, Ja'far recently made a friendly visit with North Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Drs. Agus Andrianto, S.H., M.H.

    "Alhamdulillah, Mr. Kapolda gave moral support and enthusiasm, all for the advancement of North Sumatra," concluded Ja'far.

    ■ Barus Panjaitan

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